Battle for Asgard

5v5 Conquest Tournament


Prize Pool (Per Player)
  • 1st: 2000 Gems + Smite Prime Avatar
  • 2nd: 1200 Gems
  • 3rd: 800 Gems
  • Match Type: Conquest
  • Team Size: 5v5
  • Starting Level: 1
  • God Picking Method: Draft-Conquest
  • Starting Gold: 1500
  • Pause Type: Normal
  • Bonus Time: 90
  • Spawn Lane Minions: On
  • Region: North America
  • Allow Spectators/Record Demo: On

  • Single Elimination: Best of one, with an optional best of three finals
How to Register
  1. Sign up for the tournament on this site using the registration links
  2. Head over to our Discord server, grab a role from the #role-assignemnt channel
  3. Check-in for the tournament when they are open by saying "TeamName checking in"
Registration Information/Links