NA PS4 Series

NA 5v5 PS4 Conquest Tournament - Monthly

March Series

• Match Selection: Conquest 
• Team Size: 5v5
• Starting Level: 1
• God Picking Method: Draft-Conquest
• Starting Gold: 1500
• Pause Type: Normal
• Bonus Time: 90
• PS4 / NA

• Signups: Feb 12th - Feb 26th (5:00 PM ET)
• Check-ins: Feb 26th, 5:00 PM ET - Feb 27th, 5:00 PM ET

Group Matches (Best of 3)
•  Round 1: March 2nd
•  Round 2: March 5th
•  Round 3: March 9th

Final Stage
• Round 1: March 12th
• Semi-finals: March 16th
• Finals: March 23rd 

Prize Pool (5000 Gems per group)
Group Stage
• 100 Gems per player for match won
•  3000/5000 (per group) of the gems will be given during this stage

Final Stage
• 50%/25%/12.5%/12.5% Per Teams
• 2000/5000 (per group) of the gems will be given to the top 4 teams with the breakdown listed above

Match Reporting
• Team captains are required to keep the admins up to date about their matches
• Winning team must send a Google Form (Listed in the #match-reports channel) at the end of each match as proof

Flexible Scheduling
• This tournament offers flexible scheduling, what that means is that teams can play games before the deadlines listed
• Team Captains are in charge of communicating with each other on if they want to reschedule their games or play at the default time. If the teams agree to reschedule their match, they have to fill out a Google Form in the channel #confirmed-reschedules
• Teams can only play before the deadline for each round, they can not schedule it for any dates after.

•  Rules for the tournament can be found here

Quick Guide On How To Register:
1) Fill out the Google Form
2) Join the Discord Server and get the NA PS4 Role
3) During the check-in date and hours state in the #check-in channel on Discord "YourTeamName Checking in"
4) Now just wait for brackets to be released


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