Battle for Avalon

NA 2v2 Joust Tournament - PC/Xbox/PS4/Switch

November 6th, 2019

• Match Selection: Joust
• Team Size: 2v2
• Starting Level: 3
• God Picking Method: Draft- 8 bans
• Starting Gold: 1500
• Pause Type: Normal
• Bonus Time: 90 

• Platform: PC/Xbox/PS4/Switch
• Tournament Format: Single Elimination - Best of one

• Weekly on Wednesday's
• Check-ins: 6:00 PM - 6:50 PM ET
• Start Time: 7:00 PM ET

Prize Pool (Per Player)
• 1st: 2000 Gems + SMITE Prime Avatar
• 2nd: 1200 Gems 
• 3rd: 800 Gems

Match Reporting
• Team captains are required to keep the admins up to date about their matches
• Winning team must send screenshot at the end of each match as proof in the #match-reports channel on Discord with the format: "Team A Won - screenshot"
• Teams are also required to inform admins when a pause occurs in the #pause-reports channel on Discord with the format: "Team A Pause - In Game Time"

• Rules for the tournament can be found here

Quick Guide On How To Register:
1) Fill out the Google Form
2) Join the Discord Server and get the NA PC/PS4/XBOX/SWITCH Role
3) During the check-in hours state in the #check-in channel on Discord "YourTeamName Checking in" a bot should automatically assign you a captain role IF you say it in that format
4) Now just wait for brackets to be released at the end of check-ins


Previous Tournaments: 
Brackets (Will be visible after check-ins close)

Rosters: (Refresh after registering)

TimestampChecked-inTeam NameCaptain's DiscordPlayer 1Player 2Seeding
11/6/2019 17:56:48Player2=DLTwoPointOhh#4965TwoPointOhhFaiyon202
11/6/2019 18:23:39Oooga Booga Imma SpooderFace#0880FaceInfamousJesse162
11/6/2019 18:03:10Massive MAetha#3096AethaMaiachi41
11/6/2019 15:23:44Move 5v5s to WednesdayAgenothree#6938AgenothreeZethikus28
11/6/2019 12:02:15Team catMrSneaky4#4674Mr_Sneaky4SonicGreen_OG27
11/6/2019 13:12:19LTAarg[LTAarg] Franksolo#8159Pone_Huevo_PerroMatvte-200112
11/6/2019 18:13:14Pastel PoniesLordEstevez#8553LordEstevezOyecookie9
11/6/2019 18:04:30Not amazing just KoreanTrey#7289HycerzKingraider6
11/6/2019 18:11:38HashtagWolfw0lf_rider25#6758W0lf_Rider25greguwu6
11/1/2019 16:56:45Personal Problem1999 Bizarre Summer#0254Thiccleskimmiso0
11/5/2019 18:26:12JSC2Captain Mohr#8013MohrAthleticmshigo0
11/6/2019 11:09:22Who’s a good boyTfauver#3096Tommy 42Sweetness150
11/6/2019 12:08:05High Ground HerosRidiculous#6281RidiculousDeAim4Arete0
11/6/2019 14:19:49For fun playersNickkyyy the StickkyyyStickyy-NickyyRunintomyknifexd0
11/6/2019 17:18:15EcosGamingTheBrookas#2935TheBrookas23Davido_Gamer_Pro0
11/6/2019 17:22:53Umbrella CorpHelios#5257De5troyer117NINOx520
11/6/2019 18:10:32FISHMASTERSTrashCanMan#2901MagicSpellzTrashCanMan0
11/6/2019 18:16:52LunaSaidSoarkatlas#4819arkatlasdarkness72450
11/6/2019 17:56:32ScaleslxDragunxl#3169 lxDragunxlGotchurun55
11/5/2019 22:43:54FuzzyRedMonsterlessthan3you #5660LessThan3_YouAngryOrcas0
11/6/2019 19:06:25The art of dualNordictious#7044Nordictious Its kashi 
11/9/2019 21:42:02Versace Gank SquadiSmokeKush#5164iSmokeHellaKushAltec1576 
11/13/2019 3:04:12Lord but with an LCarter#0381CarterZviadi 
11/13/2019 18:21:29Oooga Booga Imma SpooderFace#0880FaceInfamousJesse 
11/16/2019 17:03:19Trio legendaire Bschilvi#8390julienbrouillerelvin