Accordion FAQ

SMITE Prime is the largest community tournament organizer. We host tournaments for all platforms which are free to enter and can win gem prize pool.

For our player, this is a great place to get started; finding teammates and a competitive playground to test your skills.

For our staff, this is a place to cultivate your skills as a caster, broadcaster or an administrator. Our goal for the staff is to help them enter the esports scene and learn everything they need to so they can pursue esports as a career.

This is easy! Simply go to the tournament page you want to sign up for, fill out the Google Form, join the Discord server and grab a role, then check-in when its time to compete. Keep in mind you have to come with a premade team

The funds to run tournaments like this is provided by HiRez studios. While we are not sponsored by them, they are happy to help provide a prize pool. So if a player will be recieving gems, an admin will tell each captain to fill out a form (some forms may be required to be sent to each player) and within a week or so the Gems should automatically show up on your account.

Currently we only broadcast our PC/Xbox/Switch games. We are able to spectate these games on a PC, where as we can not for PS4. But feel free to stream your perspective (With a delay ofcourse)